Lumibrite Teeth Whitening Reviews

Before continuing please make sure that your purchase the correct kit. Some people are accidently purchasing the Lumibrite 32 or 22 refill as opposed to the full kit. To purchase the Full LumiBrite simply (click here)

Pretty Good Product

One thing I will say about LumiBrite whitening kit is that it’s one of the most cost-effective kits on the market to date. For just $20 plus shipping you get yourself a somewhat good teeth whitening kit but just like with everything there are a few cons. Below I will list some of the pros and cons when it comes to LumiBrite take home teeth whitening kit.


Here is a link to the offical lumibrite 32 instruction manual which will teach you how to use lumibritee: Lumibrite 32.pdf

Also, here is an insturctional video on how to properly apply whitening gel onto your trays:


  • Doesn’t Contain Hydrogen Peroxide

Lumibrite take-home products does not contain any hydrogen peroxide instead it contains carbamide peroxide which is not as nearly as effective as hydrogen peroxide. One of the reasons why dentists use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth is simply because it’s the most effective whitening agent out there. While carbamide peroxide can whiten teeth, you need a significant amount to get the same effect that you would get from hydrogen peroxide which is generally why dentist don’t use carbamide peroxide.

  • No LED Included

Now another downside about this product is the fact that it doesn’t come with an LED. LEDs can help activate the whitening agent when used properly those studies show that it’s not necessary at least when you’re using whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide. According to this study published on, when LED is used with carbamide peroxide users notice a significant improvement in whitening. Therefore, the fact that Lumibrite does not include one is a major disadvantage.

  • No Custom Mouth Trays

Another downside is that this kit is that the mouth trays that it comes with are not moldable to your teeth, so it’s one of those one size fits all type of tray, with higher end kits, it usually comes with moldable mouth trays but at the end of the day you can’t expect too much for $20.


  • One of The Cheapest Kits on The Market

Now one thing I can say about this kit is that for the money you won’t find many kits at this price point. So that makes this kit perfect for anyone who is looking to do teeth whitening on a budget.

  • Positive Online Reviews

I don’t see to many negative reviews about this product, in fact a large portions of the reviews (see pics below) are all positive. So the people who’ve purchased this kit thus far seems to be fairly happy with it overall.

  • Been in Business for 40+ Years

The parent company of this product “Denmat” has been in business for over 40 years, they provide dental materials for Dentist all around the world.

  • Made in The USA

Unlike a lot of teeth whitening kits, this product is made in the USA


Below are some lumibrite teeth whitening reviews screenshots of what People had to say about this product:


As you can see from the reviews, the majority of the people who use the kit had nothing but positive things to say despite the kit not having any hydrogen peroxide. Again, for significant results I suggest you use a kit that has hydrogen peroxide but if you have sensitive gums or simply want subtitle whitening done then I highly suggest you check out this kit.